Big data will be increasingly relevant with the arrival of new methodologies and technologies that will emerge, with the introduction of analytics and big data in football has been significantly reduced the time spent analyzing statistical patterns, as the role of the process is to computationally reveal some patterns, that is true, but it is true also be said that the data has to be more adapted, even more to what the coaches require.

Always putting tactical data before:

Always putting tactical data before, that is, giving importance to those sequences and patterns that a line or a group of players carry out correctly and incorrectly, and that a coach finds relevant for later analysis, would be a real advance for their subsequent fit in the training.

Asking more coaches what kind of data they require in their training sessions to improve their soccer players would undoubtedly be a very important advance.

The Pons Method has finally achieved that, in training, we make what is important “The tactics” really the most important thing, and more so since its innovation with the principle of collective idividualization, and thanks to the contribution of the tactical panels of the Pons Method we understand that everything individual is collective, but at the same time we also understand that everything group is individual.

The Pons Method has finally achieved that Tactics, being a principle or sub-principle of training, must always be present in our training. The question would be. What tactical objective does the exercise have?

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No, not everyone trains well:

Many years ago, when I was beginning to train, a mentor told me:

“Today everyone trains well.” (because they copied and the information flowed like never before), and it was true.

But without a doubt, the most important thing today is not to have a lot of information, but to know how to quickly discern what is truly relevant information in order to make it our own (usually small details) and insert it into our hard drive, without wasting too much time.

And we know that time and the quality of time is the most important thing, so finding a training method, such as the “Pons Method” that helps you manage time more efficiently, is undoubtedly a significant advance in training in football.

Let’s face it, coaches have invested disproportionate time in training to physical preparation because honestly we didn’t know what to do tactically with a single player or with a very small group of players.

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Now this changes drastically with the Pons Method

The Method “Pons” at the same time, in Latin means “bridge”

And a bridge is really what the Pons Method means, it is a bridge in football training.

The Pons Method is a bridge to high performance, and it’s not me saying it, its innovations and undeniable improvements say it. (They speak for themselves), as I said, the Method does not need champions, although everyone is welcome and many will use the methodology without any problem. This training methodology does not need “the only one” like Mourinho did in his day to champion tactical periodization.

The Pons Method is a method that was born from a coach, and is made for coaches, and with a single purpose, the 360º improvement of the footballer and the team as a whole.

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For this reason, The Pons Method is a wave of fresh air, pure air by its innovations and improvements in training.

Some of the Pons Method principal innovations :

  • Fragmentation training with tactical panels
  • The architecture of training.- A new subject
  • FPM Football process management 
  • Player specifity rehabilitation
  • Collective individualization principle 

Also the method that optimally improves the : 

– The weekly training plan

– the individual development of the football player, 

– Makes the player easier play in different positions 

– Improves macht preparation 

– Makes the most important thing in training is really the most important thing

– improves the specificity in the training

– Is the method improves the training processes in football and other sports”

– Leads to the fragmentation of the training, 

– improves the preparation of the game

– improves the BPM training processes, 

– improves the marketing department 

– Thanks to the contribution of the panels, there are fewer players, and each player touches the ball more. (Efficiency)

– is the method that improves all positions within a staff

– is the method that improves the scouting area

– Is the method with a clear future opportunities with good software and high-tech hardware, through artificial intelligence” will improve performance. 

– As there are fewer players, the focus can be on feedback and corrections to the player

– The player increases their levels of self-confidence and self-esteem

– improves the rehabilitation of the football player, 

– improves the understanding of the game model in the shortest possible time, 

– improves and synchronizes the technical staff through synergies

– The most important method in correcting small details

– Thanks to the panels optimize the training time

– which method improves exponentially thanks to itself specificity to players who are not on the match list.

– It is the method that merges, adapts even better to other training methods

– improves the optimization of training time, 

– improves each of physical qualities, 

– improve all training methodology, 

– improves protectionism, confidence, and understanding of the football player by working more specifically, 

– improves complementary training, 

– improves the training of uncalled players, – improves the optimization of team resources training, 

– improves through the ( F.I) the comprension of training data, 

– improve training databases.  

– Improve resources optimization (Productivity)

– It is a method backed by science.

– It is a method that stimulates creative thinking and communication.

– Is the method that has created a new principle: The principle of collective individualization (thanks to the panels)

– is the method that act as a Football knowledge tester?

– Is a method that dignifies the coaching profession because need high tactical knowledge to make it right . 

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